Leading the energy transition by accelerating innovation through the sustainable value chain.

We partner with leading companies so that together we can shape the future of energy.


Why JIC?

Helping leading energy companies grow through strategic capital and corporate development.

Impact Investing

JIC invests in companies that are directly reducing carbon emissions today or creating technologies that have the potential to help us reach a net-zero carbon future tomorrow.

Investment Strategy

JIC is a private investment platform that originates, structures and manages investments in sustainable infrastructure projects and companies in partnership with institutional investors.

Keep in Touch

At the core of Jupiter Island Capital is our deep passion to partner with world-changing entrepreneurs, founders, operators, and investors. People who share our commitment to meeting the challenge for our generation – the transition to a zero carbon future – in a way that honors the next generation, our planet, and our faith with integrity and excellence. Let’s talk and see what we can build together.

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New York Office
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